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Dennis Bacon, CPA, CFP® Partner – Chief Investment Officer, BWA and Anthony Gorman CFP®, Financial Advisor, are proud to join the SmartVestor Pro program. Whether you have taken Dave’s Financial Peace University, read his best-selling books or listen to his popular radio show, our goal is to help you achieve your long term financial goals.

As a member of the SmartVestor Pro program, we agree to the SmartVestor Code of Conduct. We believe everyone deserves access to solid, professional investing guidance.

The team at Beyond Wealth Advisors uses their considerable investment experience to recommend planning and investments that support your unique goals and tolerance for risk. It’s that approach that can help you feel confident – knowing you have a team that’s looking out for both your personal feelings and your financial future.

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Professional skills are only of value when used to help someone attain their personal goals.